Surgical Infection Society

The SIS is a relatively small but dedicated family of incredibly talented researchers and surgeons. It is unique in the fluidity with which these diverse groups can interact to advance both basic and clinical science.

European Shock Society

The primary objective of the European Shock Society is to advance understanding of the pathophysiology and to improve treatment of shock, trauma and sepsis and/or allied disciplines.

Association of Polish Surgeons

One of the first medical societies in Poland, operating since 1889. The Society aims to enhance knowledge and skills among surgeons, encouraging and introducing surgeons to scientific work and cooperation in organizing health care and improving surgeons in cooperation with Medical Chambers.

JSSI (Japan Society for Surgical infection)

Founded in 1988 as Surgical Infection Society of Japan (SIS-J), Japan Society for Surgical Infection (JSSI) became an Academic society in 2002, incorporated in 2007.

The Healthcare Infection Society (HIS)

The society for healthcare professions working on prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections.