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Source control in emergency general surgery: WSES, GAIS, SIS-E, SIS-A guidelines
World journal of emergency surgery : WJES, 18(1), 41.

Coccolini, F., Sartelli, M., Sawyer, R., Rasa, K., Viaggi, B., Abu-Zidan, F., Soreide, K., Hardcastle, T., Gupta, D., Bendinelli, C., Ceresoli, M., Shelat, V. G., Broek, R. T., Baiocchi, G. L., Moore, E. E., Sall, I., Podda, M., Bonavina, L., Kryvoruchko, I. A., Stahel, P., … Kirkpatrick, A. W. (2023).

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Acute abdomen in the immunocompromised patient: WSES, SIS-E, WSIS, AAST, and GAIS guidelines
World journal of emergency surgery : WJES, 16(1), 40.

Coccolini, F., Improta, M., Sartelli, M., Rasa, K., Sawyer, R., Coimbra, R., Chiarugi, M., Litvin, A., Hardcastle, T., Forfori, F., Vincent, J. L., Hecker, A., Ten Broek, R., Bonavina, L., Chirica, M., Boggi, U., Pikoulis, E., Di Saverio, S., Montravers, P., Augustin, G., … Catena, F. (2021).

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2018 WSES/SIS-E consensus conference: recommendations for the management of skin and soft-tissue infections
World journal of emergency surgery : WJES, 13, 58

Sartelli, M., Guirao, X., Hardcastle, T. C., Kluger, Y., Boermeester, M. A., Raşa, K., Ansaloni, L., Coccolini, F., Montravers, P., Abu-Zidan, F. M., Bartoletti, M., Bassetti, M., Ben-Ishay, O., Biffl, W. L., Chiara, O., Chiarugi, M., Coimbra, R., De Rosa, F. G., De Simone, B., Di Saverio, S., … Catena, F. (2018).

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How to get your surgical paper published

Kjetil Soreide MD, PhD
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Same admission vs. Interval cholecystectomy for mild gallstone pancreatitis
– the PONCHO trial –

David da Costa
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