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NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra

Take a tour of the Elbphilharmonie – Home to Hamburg’s NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra

The Elbe Philharmonic has been at the planning stage since 2003. At its highest point it reaches a height of 110 metres and spans an area of 27 football pitches. A visit to the Elbe Philharmonic, the new and impressive landmark in the north German Hanseatic city, offers many attractions and should not be missed. Visit the Elbphilharmonie website.

Hamburg Town Hall

Guided tours of the state rooms are available daily

Guided tours of the state rooms are available daily in both English and German, and last 40 minutes. Visitors will get the chance to see tapestries, glittering chandeliers, detailed ceilings, and grand portraits while learning about the history of the building and its importance to Hamburg. Find out more about the City Hall at Visit Hamburg Tourism

The Speicherstadt

A Hamburg Landmark

The Speicherstadt, a Hamburg landmark, is one of the main attractions in the great harbour tour. The world’s largest integrated complex of warehouses was built in 1883, five years before Hamburg received its free port. Since 1991, the unique district has been given historic monument protection. Visit the Speicherstadt official website.


Feel HafenCity’s Maritime and Urban Atmosphere

The idea of a new inner-city district was conceived soon after the fall of the Wall and the Iron Curtain. Visitors merge into the exciting everyday life of HafenCity, mixing with residents and office workers – and get to feel HafenCity’s maritime and urban atmosphere right close up. Visit the HafenCity website

Alster Canals

Hanseatic Routes on an Alster Steamer

Take a leisurely trip along the former Hanseatic routes on an Alster steamer, let yourself be transported back to the era of pepper sacks and get a taste of sea air. Find out more about Alster Boat Trips on the Hamburg Tourism website.